Why Ferrall?

Why Ferrall?

For over 50 years, we have been the area’s most trusted in-ground pool installation & service company. We have installed in ground pools every year – consecutively since 1957. No other pool company in the area can make that claim.

Our customers are our friends, our neighbors , our best advertising, and they become lifetime clients. If you really want to find out the answer to Why Ferrall? Simply ask someone who has a Ferrall Pool or Spa installed at their home.

Quality, Value, Service & Experience

There are alot of companies out there boasting these very things. Yet how many really do live up to what they promise? Ferrall Pools & Spas is serious about living up to these cornerstones of our business. Thay are not just over used buzz words, at Ferral Pools & Spas, they are what we aim to provide all of our customers all of the time.

We offer Pacific Graphex pools, and Dimension One Spas. Our competitors may offers several options, but how well do they know them and how long have they been selling or servicing them? For over a half-century we have been doing business this way, offering just a few high quality items, specializing in them and serving our customers to the best of our ability everyday.

We use only quality materials. And we use quality concrete contractors and landscape professionals. Anyone can provide a low bid. But not just everyone can do the type of work we expect to be done for our customers. We have used these same contractors for many years and recommend them, just as they would recommend us.

Service – long after the intial sale. As we stated above we generate lifetime clients. Whether we installed a pool, serviced your spa, or simply answered a question when you came in the store, we hope you realized that Ferrall Pools & Spas does things just a little different and a little better than our competition.

All of the things mentioned above come from our experience. There is rarely a situation we come across that we haven’t been through before. From a difficult install, to a tricky mechanical problem, or something just alittle out of the ordinary,Ferrall Pools & Spas is your go to source since 1957.